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June 7, 2018: Seminar on Development of Asphalt Mix Design Specifications for Future Superior Performing Roadways in UAE

Venue : Sharjah Research Academy Meeting Room. [Press Release][Seminar Video]


Sharjah Research Academy -SRA- was established in 2008 under the umbrella of the Office of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, out of his belief that the massive resources available for research in the sciences should be employed for the development of the Emirate of Sharjah and beyond. Through innovative practices in research, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources, SRA aims to promote innovation in research and to ensure the practical relevance of scientific research and innovation.

Professor Amr Abdel-Hamid, Director General of SRA coordinates the operations and performance of the academy. He forecasts an exponential growth as the academy successfully rises to the challenges of a technologically sophisticated era. His zeal, dedication and energy constitute a fountain of inspiration for others, motivating them towards collective efforts.

Professor Mufid Samarai, Senior Advisor of the academy, views his role at SRA with a sense of purpose. This is manifest in his continual efforts to improve and innovate. He constantly reviews and upgrades the infrastructure to provide world-class facilities to reflect the latest trends and development.

Adhering to a sound direction and purpose, SRA provides innovative support, strategic research, and scientific and technical services to its partner organizations. Sharjah Seed Bank and Herbarium (SSBH) was established as a local and regional center of leadership for the conservation, utilization and restoration of plant genetic resources.  This organization has a dedicated research team which undertakes research projects currently being funded by many research funding institutes such as the National Research Foundation, Emirates Foundation and many more. In support of the scientific activities of the researchers at SSBH, SRA is in the process of establishing a state of the art plant molecular biology lab for documentation and conservation of plant genetic resources. This would permit in-depth research on the use of the DNA from the UAE’s native plants in different applications.

The Sharjah Engineering Research Institute (SERI), led by Professor Mufid Samarai, is committed to conducting quality applied engineering research relevant to the region. The institute provides a valuable contribution in the field of maintenance and rehabilitation, heritage conservation and quality control.

The Sharjah Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) was initiated by the Sharjah Research Academy (SRA), in coordination with the University of Sharjah, to focus on research initiatives that integrate multidisciplinary biomedical research required to achieve advances in the understanding of molecular hallmark diseases and the development of new therapies.

SRA is on course to raising its global prominence by providing programs to bridge the innovation gap between university-based discovery and industrial application. The academy has an established track record in technology transfer and research leadership by engaging with key partners from industries, academia and government departments and organizations.

We must move academic staff research outcomes from the shelves to the industry to be utilized and benefit all parties working towards sustainable development and community service. Education and scientific research are fundamental pillars for the progress of a nation economically and socially.

His Highness  
Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi,
Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah

SRA Research Centres

Sharjah Seed Bank & Herbarium

SRA - Sharjah Seed Bank and Herbarium

The conservation of biological diversity is a crucial issue to the whole Arabian Gulf Region and in view of this, it is vital that the germplasm of species from UAE’s arid desert ecosystems be conserved. Seed banking is an important strategy for doing this and the SSBH has pioneered seed banking of wild plant species in the UAE. The value of ex situ conservation is increasingly important in supporting UAE’s biodiversity conservation efforts by providing resources and knowledge base to our mission to safeguard the country’s flora. The personal commitment and support of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah, for the conservation of natural habitats and plant genetic resources of the region has led to the establishment of the Sharjah Seed Bank and Herbarium with technical support from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK in 2009.

Sharjah Engineering Research Institute

Sharjah Engineering Research Institute (SERI), in collaboration with universities and other research centers, is committed to carry out the vision of His Highness and to conduct quality applied engineering research relevant to the region.

SERI provided valuable contribution in the field of maintenance and rehabilitation, heritage conservation, waste water treatment, asphalt pavements and quality control. SERI carried out performance reviews and conducted assessments and evaluations of existing conditions for infrastructures and set out rehabilitation and maintenance strategies. SERI also performed risk analysis imposed by seismic activities, environmental impact analysis of new and existing developments; carried out traffic studies; and provided reviews of existing development plans and proposed alternatives. SERI similarly recommended schemes and monitored strategies for quality control and advised on specifications for construction projects for conservation, restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage.

SRA - Sharjah Engineering Research Institute

Molecular Biology & Plant Genetics Laboratory

SRA - Molecular Biology and Plants Genetics

SRA established a state of art plant molecular biology lab to preserve and document the genetic material from native and rare species. The major aim of the laboratory is to set up a DNA barcode facility to generate a DNA barcode library for all plants in UAE. This library could offer taxonomist as well as non-taxonomist an opportunity to rapidly sort the specimens and highlight those representing new species. Adding to this, institute intends to develop a gene bank to study plant genomes from native plants, this could facilitate identification and isolation of important genes, especially those that could help plants tolerate high salinity levels, temperature and drought conditions.


Research Proposal Guidelines

Invitation for Project Proposals: 

Researchers and Faculty members are welcomed to submit applications for research grants or joint research projects. General information and the format for submission are included below.

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General Guidelines for Submission of Research Proposals

SRA Research Proposal Template

Applicants can submit directly on the form provided or send the form filled to:

Research Proposal – University of Sharjah (UoS) Faculty only:

SRA General Guidelines for Submission of RP

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Applicants can submit the form  to the Research Funding Department at University of Sharjah.

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Current Vacancies

Position: Postdoctoral Associate Researcher in Bituminous Materials and Mixtures

The Project: Sharjah Research Academy (SRA) and the Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE) at the University of Sharjah are seeking to hire a post doctorate candidate in the area of bituminous materials and mixtures for the development of new asphalt binder specifications for superior performing roadways in UAE.

The candidate will be responsible for testing and analysis in the research project that will lead finally to the development of new asphalt binder specifications to enhance the performance of roadways in UAE under harsh traffic loading and climatic conditions.

Qualification: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with emphasis on bituminous materials and mixtures, relevant degree in Pavement Engineering. Minimum of 3 years of related experience.

Applicants can apply directly or send a detailed curriculum vitae to:

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