Lab Activities

  • Curation and evaluation of DNA Barcodes of Plants from Arabian Peninsula
    From our study of assessing molecular markers from Arabian Peninsula, we extracted plant DNA Barcodes through NCBI Gene bank by using its query builder to retrieve accession numbers. This mined DNA Barcodes were then curated and assessed for their efficiency in species resolution by using conventional method of alignment as well as advanced deep learning technique using neural network analysis. In future this DNA barcode dataset will be used as standard reference for molecular identification and evaluation of plants from United Arab Emirates.
  • DNA isolation, PCR & sequencing for unidentified species The aim is to combine morphology and genetic distances to determine species delimitation.
  • Germination studies in association with seed lab
    Seed germination testing was performed for halophytes collected during the season. Germination experiments were conducted for Cucumis prophetarum and Citrullus colocynthis.