The Plant Biotechnology Laboratory is being established in the light of institution’s intention to conserve UAE’s native plant species by preserving their genetic information ‘DNA’, collectively in form of ‘DNA Bank’. With this concern, Sharjah Research Academy is developing the laboratory with a state of art facility for plant molecular biology research.
We intend to preserve individual’s genetic material at DNA Bank for long term at extreme low temperatures, facilitating it’s use in analyzing genetic variation at the species level. Every species belonging to this DNA bank would have its own unique multi marker assisted molecular signature in form of DNA barcode that could assist in species delimitation. Along with the DNA barcode marker, other molecular markers exhibiting variation at individual and population level could help in evaluating and protecting the genetic diversity of vascular plants especially those endangered and threatened species belonging to United Arab Emirates native flora.
In future, this DNA bank with the labelled molecular signature ‘DNA barcode’, would facilitate advanced research programs such as, Gene expression for identification of functional genes, their role in metabolic pathway and regulation of gene expression. Alongside, we will be having facilities for gene transfer by electroporation which favors transgenesis and plant transformation that Introduces DNA into plant cells or tissues to produce new transgenic variety. Overall, new facilities developed at the plant biotechnology laboratory would enable researchers to implement the above mentioned advanced techniques on varieties of plants at the molecular level.